The Beauty of Eurotrash

Hear me out – Eurotrash makes the world go ’round.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines Eurotrash as “young well-to-do usually Europeans who live a trendy lifestyle…”, but to me, it’s so much more. As a 16-year old exchange student in Slovakia, then a Slavic Studies major in college, Eurotrash is a security blanket of sorts. I will forever yearn to be wrapped up in a pair of light wash jorts (not real denim, or course), or to be enveloped in a cloud of 2000s era cologne.

Eurotrash is often thought of as being ex pats living a lavish life in the US, but the true essence of Eurotrash is that of those still living in Europe. Those who long to be in the US, and those who have no idea what styles are actually popular in the US. With European stores to choose from such as New Yorker and H&M, it’s no wonder the Eurotrash creature roams about all of Europe. Sure, it’s a lifestyle, but it’s also a disease. As one who was nearly infected herself, I can attest to the fact that the in-your-face accessories and acid wash rinse on all denim can be quite enticing.

As I’m sitting here in Pittsburgh, PA, thinking about my time abroad in Slovakia and Czechia, I find myself dreaming of Eurotrash, and picking apart the intricacies of this lifestyle. I’m thinking to myself – Eurotrash doesn’t have to be bad. I love it, I know the Slavs sure love it, and I know the European continent as a whole is overflowing with people in their 20s rocking this particular trend. What if Eurotrash were to get a makeover, and to become something potentially less loathed by the general public? What if Eurotrash received a much needed glow-up, and could be seen through a less offensive lens?

My goal with this blog is to take some of my favorite Eurotrash styles, both that I’ve seen and that my friends (and perhaps even strangers!) have seen, and to put a spin on them to make them more digestible by the public. Then, dear readers, perhaps the world will start to see Eurotrash with the same emoji heart-eyes as I do.

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